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Why Snapchat decided to relocate its HQ to London, UK

America's post-electoral climate and ensuing anti-Trumpist paranoia seems to affect liberal tech environments. Snapchat, the multimedia-based social media platform that rose to popularity together...

Google’s AR Tango is about to Revolutionize the Art World

Google's AR Tango is about to revolutionize the way art is curated and perceived in a critical environment. GuidiGo's latest app allows visitors of...

Drone-maker Parrot layoffs a third of its staff

Things are going downhill for Euronext-trading dronemaker Parrot. The French company, whose specialty is wireless electronics, announced it will be dismissing 1/3 of its...

iPhone X: Design and Display

Say hello to the future of mobile technology. iPhone X is now a reality as Apple announced the newest iPhone. It's all screen. No more...

Tech Inventions and Innovations to expect in 2017

The year 2017 looks promising in terms of new inventions in the tech industry. New and innovative products are expected to enter the market,...