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What is #Sarahah and How To Use It?

Sarahah App
Sarahah App

The new messaging app with over 300 million users around the world is called #Sarahah an Arabic translation of Frankness  [راحة, مجاهرة, صرامة, وضوح]. Founded by a Saudi Arabia based developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq.

It’s currently the #1 free iPhone app on Apples’s App Store rapidly gaining popularity on all platforms and all sorts of social media networks.

Sarahah App
Sarahah App
Sarahah App
Sarahah App





Sarahah App
Sarahah App

Employees, friends and all the people (online) around you will be able to anonymously send questions they’ve been procrastinating to ask and share feedback they’ve been wanting you to know.

How To Use Sarahah:

  1. Download Sarahah App from Google Play or Apps Store
  2. Launch App or you can also open from Sarahah.com
  3. If You Want to Send Feedback to Anyone then Go in Search and type the Person name & Select Person Whom Do want to Send Feedback.
  4. Write Your Question and/or Feedback and Click on Send. In the Other Person Messages will show Anonymous person.
  5. If You want to Check Feedback About You, Just Aclick on the My Messages tab.

From here you’ll be able gather information of what people around you thinks of you and in return send your questions and/or suggestions to people anonymously.

Technology in communication continues to evolve thanks to the creative minds of app developers. Wether Sarahah is creating good or bad interaction, always remember feedback is a gift.


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