Why Having a Short or Branded URL is Important

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How can URL shorteners benefit your brand? Here are the top reasons why.

Posting URL in Social Media

Try to imagine having a really long URL in your social media pages, it might look like a spam and users might get discouraged on clicking the link, or they don’t recognize the URL. Also, when you add tracking parameters to your links it results to a really long URL that is confusing to your audience who are not familiar with the traditional url tracking practices. In addition, social media network “x’ number of character limits like Twitter and LinkedIn that have the character limits from 280 or 600 characters, respectively, so if you are planning and needed to squeeze a URL or an extra hashtag in your posts, URL Shortening services can help you.

Link Management and Anlytics

A lot of URL shortening web services let you track your links performance and analytics similar on what we have with where you can analyze click traffic and you would be able to personalize redirects depending on geographic location of your audience. Also, it can help you understand which url content performs better on specific marketing strategy.

You can shorten URLs to make them easier to share using the URL shortener.

Create a shortened URL

  1. Visit the site at
  2. If you aren’t signed in, click the Sign in button in the top right corner.
  3. Write or paste your URL in the Paste your long URL here box.
  4. Click Shorten URL.

Below the “Paste your URL here” box, you’ll see the long version of your url and the short version. Once created, your link won’t expire unless it has to be removed for spam, privacy, or legal reasons.

Track the use of your URL

You can see how many people have clicked on your URL by visiting

For more detailed information about the URL’s use, including the countries, browsers, and platforms that accessed it, add .info to the end of your short URL. For example, detailed tracking for can be found at

Tracking for all short links are publicly visible to all users.

Creating links when you’re signed in vs. signed out

Signed in

  • Your links are automatically added to where you can track their use.
  • A unique short URL is created each time a long URL is shortened.

Signed out

  • Your links won’t show up on your page.
  • The same short URL is reused each time a long URL is shortened by you or someone else.

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