How to be an effective project manager?

The value of a project manager

Project managers shepherd projects from start to finish and serve as guides for their team, using their impeccable organizational and interpersonal skills every step of the way.

Project managers add value to their teams and organizations in key ways that include prioritization, delegation, and effective communication.


Project managers add value to their teams and organizations through effective prioritization of tasks required to complete a project.

Project managers use delegation to add value to their teams and organizations by matching tasks to individuals who can best complete the work.

effective communication

Project managers deliver value through effective communication, both with their team and with key stakeholders. This refers to being transparent, which means being up front with plans and ideas and making information readily available. Project managers keep in regular contact with their team about the progress of the work and help identify areas where a teammate may need support.

After identifying tasks and breaking them down into smaller steps, project managers prioritize these tasks by speaking with their teams and with stakeholders to gather information and make a plan.

Project managers match tasks based upon the skills and strengths of their team members.

Project managers can provide value to all businesses regardless of size or location. For example, smaller businesses often don’t have the resources to hire several employees. The small businesses may need a project manager to oversee contracted employees and vendors.

Did you consider these responsibilities? Organizing product documentation, making use of productivity tools, creating schedules, managing tasks, budgeting, managing quality, and controlling costs.

For any business or company size, the skills and strategic approach that project managers apply to problems will always be valuable.

Key project manager roles and responsibilities
As a project manager, you will use timelines and schedules to ensure your team completes the project on time.

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What are the Basics of Project Management?