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Review for Facebook Advertising Core Competencies Practice Exam

Here’s a list of questions for review purposes to help you with the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies Practice Exam.

An agency has a new client. The client wants to use their own ad account but needs to give access to the agency. Which tool should the client use? Business Manager

An agency is working with 10 clients who actively advertise on Facebook. The agency needs to make sure that the right people have the correct access to the client’s ad accounts. Which tool should the agency leverage to meet this requirement? Business Manager

When creating a campaign in Power Editor, what action must be taken first? Choose an objective

An advertiser needs to run ads with the Brand Awareness objective. At which level can the advertiser set this?  Campaign Level

A retailer is planning a campaign for its new season launch with a 60-second video that features upcoming season trends. The advertiser needs to drive awareness and maximize reach among people ages 18 to 39. The campaign is 4 weeks long with a $150,000 budget. Which strategy should be recommended for this campaign? A reach and frequency buy that optimizes to video views on Facebook and Instagram.

An advertiser is running a campaign on Facebook and has multiple images to use. The advertiser is aware of the benefits of video. However, the advertiser does NOT have a video asset and needs to create a video from the images they have. Where should the advertiser navigate to perform this task? Ad Level

An advertiser is creating a campaign and needs to see the potential size of the audience they selected. At which level of the campaign creation process should the advertiser be able to see this information? Ad Set Level

Which two resources should be used specifically when creating ads on Facebook? In Ads Manager and Power Editor

An advertiser has five different images to run a carousel ad unit. The correct objective has been chosen. At which level should the advertiser create the carousel ad unit? Ad Level

A brand is selling shoes through a website and needs to track the number of sales that result from someone seeing or clicking on an ad on Facebook. What should be implemented to get this information? Facebook pixel

A client is running a website clicks campaign through the auction on Facebook and has two ad sets with almost exactly the same target audience. Which issue does this create for the advertiser? The ads compete against each other when the campaign starts.

An advertiser recently ran a Website Conversions campaign on Facebook. They implement the Facebook pixel and track the Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, and Purchase events. After the campaign the advertiser needs to determine their return on ad spend (ROAS). Which metric should the advertiser use to determine the ROAS? Purchase conversion value

Within the Facebook campaign structure, what can be controlled at the ad level? Ad creative

A client is about to launch a new gaming app and wants to run a campaign to drive app installs. The client needs to make sure that Facebook delivers the best results for the campaign. What is the first step that the client should take before running the campaign? Add the Facebook SDK to the client’s app

A brand wants to leverage its sponsorship of a major league baseball team that has reached the playoffs. The brand has shifted its TV budget and needs to achieve mass reach on this key date. Using the Facebook family of apps, which recommendation should be provided to this brand to achieve this goal? Run a reach and frequency campaign to a broad target audience

A large fashion retailer sells its shoes exclusively to women in the UK online. The retailer has been running a Facebook acquisition campaign for the past 6 months. During the past 2 months, the brand’s customer sales have decreased. The retailer needs to create a new audience that closely resembles the customers that are already buying from its website. Which audience matching tool should the retailer use? Lookalike Audience

A gaming client develops a new mobile app and asks to apply all solutions that will allow the client to grow the user base. Game description: upgraded Sudoku game available on iOS and Android Target group: Women 25-50, active, who play while traveling or during free time Which three solutions should be recommended to the client? Implement Facebook SDK for both Android and iOS to control campaign results. Implement app events to measure lifetime value of users and create custom audiences. Use the mobile app installs objective preferably with carousel format or video to boost the attractiveness of the advertisement

A major bank in the UK is transitioning to a mobile service only. The bank needs to drive adoption of its new app among 50% of its existing customer database by the end of the year. Which Facebook advertising strategy should the bank use to meet these requirements? Use a Custom Audience with Mobile App Install Ads

A start up brand offers premium cosmetics. The organic products are NOT tested on animals and have been proven to improve skin health. The customer has a small, growing, and very loyal customer base. The brand also has an internal creative team that specializes in video.

The brand has two key objectives:

1. Continue to build brand awareness across the Facebook family of apps and services
2. Make sales via its ecommerce store

Which strategy should be used to meet these two objectives? Use video ads across both Instagram and Facebook with the brand awareness objective and retarget using Dynamic Ads

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